Arizona Muslim leaders gathered at the UICA

By Imam Didmar Faja
March 20, 2022

On March 19, 2022, many Arizona Muslim leaders gathered at the United Islamic Center of Arizona to start a new page of unity and work together between the mosques. This meeting consisted of Arizona Imams and mosque chairpersons. The first initiation towards this unity and working together started with preliminary online discussions among the Imams of Arizona in 2020. The council was later formalized in 2021 and called the Arizona Assembly of Mosques.

As the council took the momentum and started laying its objectives, it became necessary and crucial to form a council of board representatives from Arizona mosques. Such a significant addition will foster better relations between the leadership of the mosques and at the same time serve in reaching many objectives faster.

The meeting started with reading the Quran by Qari Shamikh Sahadat, an Imam and a director for SE Region of ICNA Relief, USA. Brother Tamim Doost spoke about UICA and welcomed the guests. Then, Imam Didmar Faja talked about the importance of establishing the boards council and suggested some objectives for the council to adopt. Later, the attendees were involved in a deeper conversation through an open dialogue.

The board representatives of the Islamic Center of North East Valley expressed the desire to host our next board meeting in May 2022.

The meeting ended with a prayer from the Imam of Masjid Noor, Hafiz Kashif Mansoor.